Photography by

Barbara Tili


Vancouver Downtown

SkinCasa, a commercial project, redefines luxury within a compact space, crafting an inviting spa. Upon entering, clients encounter an unexpected bespoke interior featuring a silver-leaf domed ceiling and an embracing curved wood batten wall. The room's furnishings, including a curved sofa and armchair from Fendi Casa, harmonize with the space's contours. A carefully curated palette of textures, soft velvets, bright metal accents, and intricate lighting combine to create an atmosphere of understated opulence. To enhance the sense of space, access points to the treatment area and washroom are discreetly concealed behind hidden doors and movable textile partitions. In the treatment room, relaxation awaits as you gaze at the fiber-optic ceiling, searching for constellations or falling stars. The thoughtfully designed washroom evokes the ambiance of a boutique hotel. SkinCasa stands as a truly exceptional spa experience, unlike any other.

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