Legacy of Versace


Twenty years have gone, and GianniVersace’s sartorial vision continues to reverberate throughout the creative universe. Known for revolutionizing the catwalk with his vibrant and brash use of colour and sexuality, this infamous designer pulled inspiration from all aspects of society and city-life. 1980s punk translated into safety pins as embellishment, head-to-toe spray-paint neon and graffiti prints; the bondage-world inspired leather-heavy collections into which the world’s first supermodels were strapped, and he ushered in ‘street-style’ by challenging sartorial snobbery.


1989 saw the delivery of the first Atelier Versacecouture collection to the world, and to the celebrities and royals who surrounded the designer, the next level of genius had been unfurled. His over-the-top aesthetic with the mesmerizing head of Medusa, Greek key scroll, and the abundant use of gold—in both metal and colour—will forever capture the eye and the imagination of those who aspire to the ‘better things’ in life. 

Gianni always called himself a tailor. His knowledge and skill of a lifetime of training allowed him to create lush baroque art of silk, wool, chiffon, lace, leather, satin, velvet, and taffeta. All fabrics that personify richness and are open to interpretation under a deft masters hand.

In 1993, the Versace Home collection was released as another doorway into achieving the enchanting lifestyle that Gianni and Donatella had created for themselves. A lifestyle both elegant and iconic, timeless and visionary. The initial release was a collection of textiles, followed by lavish home furnishings and luxurious table settings, and subsequent collection has all continued to exude the ‘too much’ of the Versace vision.

Derek LeungComment